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Question by  tiduayeye (16)

Why does a dead battery make a clicking sound?


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Actually we say that a battery is dead when it doesn't have enough power to start our car but it may still have some power left in it. The clicking noise is the starter trying to engage when the battery does not have enough power to turn the engine and it keeps trying to kick into gear, so to speak.


Answer by  chris8925 (65)

The reason is that making the clicking noise is because of the battery is getting low. and also loose connection at the battery terminals. clean the battery post and clean the battery post and battery post cleaner. And if you replace the battery and it works,then do not quit looking for the problem


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

A loose connection can cause this clicking noise, If the battery is old we can replace it,The warmer temperature is difference. It starts brushes inside to make a spark.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

The dead battery does not make the clicking sound. The starter however does make a clicking sound if the battery is dead. The starter had several metallic parts which are required to touch and spin around in the unit. If your battery is dead it will not activate the starter with enough juice to start the car.


Answer by  bingo (66)

Your battery don't click, its your solenoid. Change it. The battery that is!!

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