Question by  capri (52)

How did the English language effect politics?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The English language does not effect politics. The English language is merely the manner in which English-speakers communicate. It wouldn't do any good for an English-speaking politician address non-speakers; how messages are communicated makes a difference. The language used to communicate them does not.


Answer by  Robert53 (131)

President George Bush spends most of his time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and visits his parents often at Kennbunkport, Maine. He has accepted very few speaking engagements.


Answer by  kingyippie (11)

Despite the early strife between Great Britain and the newly formed United States of America, the shared common language proved throughout history to be a very powerful catalyst of political friendship. The United States of America and Great Britain remain political friends in the 21st century. Common language cannot be underestimated for cementing allies.

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