Question by  Westforde (63)

Why do we cry when we are sad?

I do not understand the biology in crying when we are sad.


Answer by  keertana (26)

Emotionally induced tears called "psychogenic tears" are natural biological response of our body to emotions.During an emotional emergency,our brain overreacts resulting in increased chemical and hormone production.Emotional tears have manganese and prolactin.Shedding of tears eliminates these extra chemicals and hormones.It helps in stress release.The release of endorphins are impaired when we are sad resulting in eye dryness.Tears keep eyes moist.


Answer by  loes (87)

There is a lot of speculation about this, but no one really knows for sure. When crying, we secrete certain hormones and other chemicals through our tears, so crying might help us to rebalance our hormone levels. The evolutionary explanation is that crying signals to other people that we are in need of help.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

It is believed that crying is a form of communication which developed naturally before language and is used to express emotions. Currently it's the only way infants can say "something is wrong".

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