Question by  nicole7257695 (15)

Are elephants the only animals that cry?


Answer by  Emr (698)

Elephants have secretions from temporal glands on their faces. Those glands secrete liquid when the elephant is agitated. Some view this as "crying" and others will not. Regardless of how grief manifests itself, many animals grieve over lost companions, especially if they are social animals. One dog was famous in Japan for his vigil by his owner's grave.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

No! Don't forget that we humans are animals too. Although we start wars and elephants do not, humans do cry. Given that humans are not the best stewards of the environment, the elephants have reason to cry!


Answer by  sandhyanandayahoocom (93)

,many animals cry.the baby animals like calf ,puppy,kitten,cub cry when they separated from their mother.they cry but not night dogs also cry.chimpanzees also cry.

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