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Question by  swiecichc (22)

Why do I have puffiness in the cheek area?


Answer by  teresa4lilfe (14)

There are many causes for puffy cheeks they are smoking and drinking, stress and tension, lack of rest, genetics, quick weight loss, and baby fat. You can calm down puffiness by drinking water, getting adequate sleep,and applying UV protection often.


Answer by  guineapig (12)

Could this be due to medication you have recently started taking? For example steroidal drugs can cause facial swelling as a side effect. In which case the swelling would probably be symmetrical. Swelling on one side of the face could be due to a dental problem.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You could just be bloated. Try not taking in too much sodium and drink a lot of water to flush everything out.


Answer by  user1583 (28)

Sometimes tihis could be caused by a sinus infrection such as Sinusitis it is best to consult a physician because if a sinus infection antibiotics are need sometimes in extreme casses surgery is a solution.


Answer by  AmillaBR (26)

It all depends. You could have sinusitis,wich is caused by an inflamation in the nasal area (sinus) and you end up feeling headache as well. You sould always check with your doctor.

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