Question by  Mary57 (75)

Why do goats have weak knees?


Answer by  elyse57 (19)

Many goats experience issues with crippling, painful, and weak knees. This is often due to their susceptibility to arthritis. It is a progressive disease that is very debilitating. Although many goats are genetically prone to getting arthritis, it is often a preventable ailment and can be well maintained.


Answer by  stellargamebirds (121)

Goats are prone to Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis syndrome which affectes the joints causing them to break down first. This in turn causes the goat to become crippled and weak. Not all goats have this in their genes, and with proper care it can be prevented.


Answer by  Sagebrush (170)

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome attacks the joints, causing them to break down and lose function. The animal slowly becomes crippled. This disease is infectious and should be screened for in new animals. Afflicted animals should be quarantined.


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

Not all goats have week knees. The fainting goats actually have strong knees. When they are frightened or starteld, there whole body locks up and they tip over. When goats are kneeling hey must have some strong knees to be constantly kneeking on the ground.


Answer by  BriggyGal (153)

That's probably just the way evolution made them. Or it's possibly that they spend so much time on their feet that they have weak knees.

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