Question by  tbritny (41)

How can I pick up weak wi-fi signals?

Is there anything I can do to boost the signal or change my computer so that it can work better with a weak signal?


Answer by  peregra (23)

If you go to any department store with an electronics department, you may be able to find signal boosters. You plus this into the wall, into a regular electricity socket.. This picks up the signals found, and rebroadcast them originating from the location that it is plugged in. This should improve the signal tremendously.


Answer by  blyte (67)

Try the following: 1.)Reduce the distance and/or obstructions between you and the wi-fi source. 2.) If you have access to the wi-fi source, move as far away as possible from your computer's power supply, which can interfere with the signal. 3.) Purchase a (larger) antenna for your wi-fi card.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

Nope. It all depends on the hardware you are currently using. Newer laptops have better Wi-Fi modules, while older ones seem to have problems in catching Wi-Fi from a bigger distance.


Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

Upgrade your router to one with stronger output, and get an external antenna booster for your computer. Both are easily obtained at computer and office supply retailers.


Answer by  subspacefield (9)

move wireless access point to a central location, move computer to another location, upgrade to a wireless "n" router, use different antenna (omni-directional) on wireless router or computer, buy/build wireless antenna booster, get a wireless repeater, check for devices that might interfer with wireless signal like cordless phone

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