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Question by  luiim (22)

Why do divers take showers after diving?

I watch them on TV and they all take showers after diving.


Answer by  Bobby5946 (7)

Divers take showers after they dive because when they get out of the water, they have chlorine on their skin. They take showers to get the chlorine off before it starts to itch and irritate their skin, and to get them warm, because the water they are in is freezing.


Answer by  tig98 (28)

The reason for this is to keep the muscles warmed up for the next dive. There is usually an 8 to 12 degree difference in between the water and air temperature. This difference can cause tightness in the muscles.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

All divers and swimmers take showers after swimming to get the treated water they were in off their skin. The water had chemicals to balance it out.


Answer by  vtvick777 (23)

One of the staples of pool maintenance is the addition and maintaining of chlorine levels to help sterilize the pool and prevent bacteria from growing. Divers and other athletes that participate in activities that take place in pools take showers to rinse of the chlorine that has collected on their bodies.


Answer by  ataylor (48)

Divers take showers after diving to keep there muscles warm. The temperature of the water in the pool is around 80 degrees but the temperature of the air is somewhere between 68 to 72 degree. The difference can cause muscle tightness, so they keep warm in showers or hot tubs.


Answer by  Jonty (22)

Divers shower to remove all of the salty water and to assist with returning their body temperature to its normal


Answer by  chad31 (13)

\ Divers take showers after each dive is due to the chlorine in the pool after they get out. It drys up your hair and sometimes your skin will get sticky and in turn could cause them to get distracted on the upcoming dive.


Answer by  Bigguy (34)

Divers take showers after diving because they want to get all of the chlorine off of their bodies. Chlorine can affect their skin and hair so they shower.


Answer by  JohnBilodeau (0)

I thought it is one of the best method to wipe chlorine from the body hence it is necessary..

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