Question by  jslim123 (2)

How do I word an invitation asking for monetary gifts for a couples bridal shower?

They are going to Mexico on their honeymoon so we are having a Fiesta themed shower. They want to put the money towards their trip. How can I incorporate this into the evites and party?


Answer by  BornonBeltaine (19)

Simply write, "In lieu of gifts, the happy couple would greatly appreciate donations towards their sunny Mexican honeymoon. Please feel free to note what you would like to cover on your check, such as a Champagne toast, the beautiful bridal suite, or even a spicy teddy for the bride! "


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

They will probably get money at the wedding. It is poor taste to tell invitees that money for the shower is desired. Let the couple take back the gifts and get the money. You could mention money to the brides and grooms family, but that's where I would stop.


Answer by  Alice (26)

How about: Join us for a fiesta to celebrate Bert and Ellen's wedding! Let's shower the happy couple with some pesos to help them enjoy their honeymoon to Mexico. Just throw your denero into the sombrero when you arrive!

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Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

You are invited to (names) bridal shower, as the happy couple are honeymooning in Mexico they are asking for no gifts, but cash, towards their honeymoon instead, as they already have their home set up.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Ole! Ole! Let's send ___ and ____ off to Mexico in style! Come to the shower next Friday night at 7pm. If you are wondering what an appropriate gift would be - just add a donation onto their money tree!

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