Question by  steffiegirl815 (14)

What are the components that I need for scuba diving?

I would like to go scuba diving and need to know what I need to go.


Answer by  Craess (43)

If you want the essential gear needed to dive; Air Tank, Regulator, Bouyancy Compensator, Dive Gauges (depth and pressure), Mask, Dive Watch, Fins and possibly a wieght belt. Instruction/Dive Card highly recommended, as Scuba Diving is hazardous even after leaving the water if the proper precautions are not taken.


Answer by  PaulWillie (18)

First - and most importantly - you will need a certification card. Next, basic snorkeling equipment... mask, fins, snorkel. Finally, air tank, regulator, bouyancy control device and possibly a wetsuit. Additional equipment may include lights, camera, speargun or other specialty equipment. Have fun!


Answer by  mamers (23)

You need a scuba certification or to at least take a class prior to diving. In classes you learn to breath and what to do when your mask fills with water or what to do in an emergency. They also teach bouancy and ascention rates so you do not suffer from compression sickenss.


Answer by  imc408 (25)

you will need a bcd, regulator, gauge, and octopus as your base. You will also need goggles, flippers and a wetsuit.


Answer by  lamcat2000 (74)

You will need an air tank and a regulator. Also you need to have a mask and flippers. It is also a good idea to have a divers watch.

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