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Question by  kack (17)

Why do cell phone batteries go dead in some areas?


Answer by  schilke (22)

Cell phone batteries go dead in some areas due to strength of the connection the phone has with its network of towers. If the cellphone has a strong connection to a tower, then it requires less power to maintain the connection. If the cellphone signal is weak, then the phone expends more energy to stay connected to the network.


Answer by  sc773 (79)

It's something that would be a myth. A battery is obviously more likely to go dead if it's been a long time since it was charged. A remote area is where this would be the case. (Such as Hiking) In this way, the area isn't relevant but amount of time it's been since charged is.


Answer by  santhoshcomputer (41)

Nowadays everyone using cellphone , in every latest technology there is some advantage and disadvanteage in the cell phone also too , the dis advantage is we are talking uneccessarily talk with girl friend thats why the phone batteries get down its energy often , as well as we are not putting our mobile for charging this is also a reason too.


Answer by  bob69 (82)

Cell phone batteries drain quicker in some areas than others because when a phone has a limited signal or roaming signal it may have to work harder to maintain the connection, thus draining the battery faster. If the phone has to constantly search for a signal, it will drain faster.


Answer by  Alkhader (7)

Well that's because there is no net working or the telephone net is not well connected to some areas which lead the batteries to go dead.

Reply by Alkhader (7):
There telphone starts looking for net work and that leads the batteries go dead  add a comment
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