Question by  Tsewang (16)

Will I be able to use a cell phone based in the UK while I am in the USA?

I will be traveling to the states soon and would like to use my cell phone.


Answer by  nathanarizona (11)

Yes, if your phone is GSM or CDMA you should not have any trouble making calls in the USA. Check with your carrier before leaving the UK, some companies will charge high roaming fees but also offer international roaming packages for one flat fee. One available option to avoid these fees is to purchase a prepaid phone in USA.


Answer by  pmm62 (243)

Yes, your UK based phone should be a GSM phone which will operate OK on certain carriers in the US. You should make sure it is a quad-band phone which covers all possible frequencies in the US and Europe.


Answer by  Ashley37 (65)

You can use your cell phone in the USA for the most part if you have an international plan or are willing to pay per minute (which is usually higher than the average rate. ) Some phones work internationally as well if they are tri-band.


Answer by  L (134)

You should be able to use your phone, however, you may have to pay a lot of extra money. Many phone companies charge quite a bit to use your phone internationally. You should call to check the cost.


Answer by  prahlad40 (74)

No I don't think that any UK based mobiles will be valid in USA because personally I used to travel USA regularly and my mobile is UK based.. It doesn't works at all places and in all times... So the better option is to use a USA based mobile when you are in USA... To minimize the faculties....

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