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Question by  Estelle (10)

Why did my speedometer stop working on my Hyundai Santa Fe?


Answer by  Samhane (703)

Depending on the year of your vehicle will determine if it has a mechanical or electronic speedometer. The mechanical ones stop working because of the cable being bound or getting old. The electronic because of a bad fuse.

Reply by pbusz (0):
I have found if your speedo slowly goes out, when u have taken it out try spinning shaft with a drill with ignition on if it works its the shaft that costs $20 Aus thats what happen to my 2001 santa fe  add a comment

Answer by  carguy88 (25)

The speedometer might of stooped working because of two things. ether 1 a Short in the electrical systems. or 2 a faulty speedometer. There can be two wires rubbing together and waring off the insulation and causing a short, witch in turn shorts out you speedometer. I would check into any of those. good luck.


Answer by  Xceptional (642)

This is a fairly broad question becomes there are many different models of your type of car. I would either consult a mechanic personally, or refer to your user manual.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well more than likely the gauge itself stopped working. Sometime the just go bad especially on older cars. Check all the cable and wire before replacing it though because that may be the problem.


Answer by  jay34 (250)

When a speedometer stops working the first thing that should be checked is speedometer wires. Just take out the speed-o-meter. Then inspect the wires connected behind the speedometer


Answer by  electroman (337)

You really need to take your car to a qualified repair shop for something like this. Many things could cause this to happen.


Answer by  Kson (132)

There are possible reason why your speedometer stopped working on your Hyundai Santa Fe. One possible reason is the connections of the speedometer to your wheels are broken. Bring it to the dealer as soon as possible to be checked. A broken speedometer can result into getting in a car accident.


Answer by  Jacky30 (37)

This happened to my Hyundai Elantra. Caused by the sensing unit. When this breaks it defaults to a "safe" mode. It is as simple as just replacing the faulty speedomerter readout.


Answer by  soccer593 (476)

The speedometer sensing unit may be faulty. Also, maybe some of the wires that connect to the transmission are unplugged.


Answer by  stella97 (17)

This sounds like a real problem. I would drive it very slowly to the mechanic and get it checked out.


Answer by  pardhan (92)

If a driver experiences that the speedometer in his or her Hyundai Santa is not working then the problem may be within the mechanical system that runs the meters in teh car, this can be repaired from an autoshop.

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