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Question by  fire157 (21)

Where is the draincock on the Hyundai Santa Fe?


Answer by  kd97 (733)

The draincock is located on the bottom front side of the radiator in the Hyundai Santa Fe. Extensive car and SUV manuals are available through many Hyundai dealerships, which sell for around sixty dollars. Included are schematics of the radiator and other systems, which will help you pin point the location precisely.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Remove your engine shield, if you have one, as the drain is only available through the subframe. The drain is on the bottom of the radiator. Look for a colored screw.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if you are referring to the radiator coolant draincock the it should be located somewhere at the bottom of the radiator.

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