Question by  senvi (19)

What do worms eat?

Like if you had a worm farm, what would you feed them?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Worms eat organic materials, like dead grass and leaves that are mixed in the soil. There are microscopic organisms on the leaves and grass that provide the worms with algae, fungi and bacteria that are essential for the worms' nutrition. A worm farmer makes sure these nutrients are available.


Answer by  agc (108)

Worms primarily subsist on decaying organic matter, such as leaves and grass clippings, in the upper layers of soil. Therefore, if you had a worm farm, spreading things such as leaves and grass clippings on the surface of your worm farm would mimic their natural food. I have also heard coffee grounds make an excellent worm food.


Answer by  Max28 (44)

Will eat just about anything, especially organic matter. They love compost heaps and things like dead plants, fruits, and carcasses. The best things to feed a worm farm would be things like fruit and vegetable scraps, and even throw in tiny pieces of bread.


Answer by  lunkerlaker (26)

I believe you feed them compost. Compost is dirt mixed with organic matter that is disintegrating. You can use leftover food you would normally throw away in the garbage.

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