Question by  shanedunn138 (22)

What are the most effective martial arts for street fighting?


Answer by  dustjam (12)

Taekwondo is very good for street fighting. It combines some moves that can effectively take down your opponent in a street or urban setting.


Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

i have trained 3 different martial arts styles and the best one that resulted in street fighting is the Ken arts. Besides that i have trained traditional karate style and tai-chi-chuan and they didn't help so much as the Ken style. It is a dynamic style that can be used anywhere you want to fight.


Answer by  Amom (701)

There is a new form of Martial Arts now being taught in classes called Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. It uses a variety of forms and grappling techniques.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well there is no " most effective" but if i were to choose i would choose 2, muay thai & bjj. why? cause one is for striking and the other for grappling, but if u need one for self defense take krav maga. Hope i helped.

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