Question by  phoenixbirdwingsfly12343 (6)

Who would I call to get a water pollution test?

I'm concerned about my well water.


Answer by  LadyofMasonManor (91)

You can call your state environmental protection agency or your county agriculture association to come and test. If your state doesn't have them, you can purchase the test online.


Answer by  chippsch (37)

Calling the local Health Department is a first step in finding help for concerns over contaminated well water. The Health Department have specialized staff who will come to your home and take a water sample. They will advise you of the results and if there is a problem they will give you information on clearing up the problem.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

You should have a department of water and energy in your state/county. Go to your local government's website and look their number up. Usually, you'll supply a petition, and it will take between a few days to a few weeks before an inspection and sample collection is scheduled.


Answer by  daze (10)

There are many do it yourself water testing kits on the market. Each with its specific purpose. If you plan on drinking the water there are also kits for testing drinking water. The kits are available on many sites online also.

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