Question by  Nancy80 (31)

How do I dress up as a female gangster?

I am going to a costume party and we have to go as our opposites.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

First you have to get the baggiest pants possible. Put on a hat. Lat but not least get a tight upper top or a wife beater


Answer by  barky (98)

Imagine a male ganster. Now, visualize, they are well kempt. But, wear baggy/loose fitting jeans/slacks and t-shirts, and matching shoes (everything is oriented to a specific color). Well, with females it's pretty similar, except their shirts may be tighter. But, just remember attitude is everything/key. It's all about perception.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Easy. Show up wearing the baggiest clothes you have, a bandanna on your head, dark red lipstick, dark eyeliner, and lots of hairspray. You may even want to pack a Glock to further play the part. You also HAVE to show up in a vehicle playing loud rap music, obviously.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

You can start by getting a pair of baggy pants. Put on a wife beater. Put your hair up in a bun and put a cap up top of your hair.

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