Question by  Gus (8)

Who sells a high quality 100 gallon water heater?


Answer by  JoefromCanada (39)

Sears sells an excellent water heater. Both Natural Gas or Electric models are available but generally most consumers select the natural gas models since they are very economical and produce the least greenhouse gases. Sears also offers professional installation including the removal of the old tank and procuring all the required installation permits.


Answer by  scwriter007 (254)

A.O. Smith makes reputable 100-gallon water heaters popular with builders. Bradford White also makes quality gas-powered water heaters with that capacity for residential and commercial use. When replacing an older water heater it always makes sense to increase its size if you've run short of hot water in the past.


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

you can go to your local home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. They carry water heaters of all varieties. The salesperson there should be able to answer any of your questions and give you a recommendation of which water heater is of the highest quality.


Answer by  julie87 (222)

Well it really depends on what kind you are needing. Gas or electric? Lowe's has good reviews on Water heaters and Home Depot a well. First thing i would do is research what brand i want and go from there.

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