Question by  blazingteen (9)

Who makes the best 80 cc dirt bike for a beginner?

My son is getting interested in racing dirt bikes.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Kawasaki,honda,ktm,yamaha,suzuki all are top of the line.Kx80 would be one that win's race's.I would choose Kawasaki they are built for speed.Honda cr80 is a great bike Easy to repair also.


Answer by  John5946 (39)

What's his age? Young kids can start on smaller displacement bikes than 80cc. Consider seat height, too. An automatic is easier for little kids. These considerations are more important than brand, and you can't go wrong with Japanese bikes (if they aren't too tall, powerful, heavy, and hard to shift). His size, age, and coordination are the key factors.

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