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Question by  EdS (15)

Could you tell me how to remove a flywheel from a dirt bike?


Answer by  jon40 (440)

Most flywheels come off with a puller that threads onto the flywheel and then a threaded rod pushes on the end of the crankshaft until it pops off of its press fit. Be careful not to lose the key of the keyway that will be on the crankshaft in a groove. this keeps the flywheel from spinning on the crankshaft.


Answer by  blackjack (54)

Your best bet would be to purchase SHOP MANUAL for your specific bike. It will show tou step by step the correct way and all tools you will need.


Answer by  tml (538)

Most motorcycle flywheels need to have the center nut removed. You will need a flywheel holder to do this. Then you will need a puller to remove the flywheel itself.

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