Question by  cdbk2001 (14)

What are the good points of 50 cc dirt bikes?


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

These are excellent for beginning riders to learn the basic controls and operations. They have all of the basic functions of larger bikes. They have less power of larger bikes but will run at fairly decent speeds. Most of these bikes are geared lower to make up the power difference.


Answer by  leonardbanti (19)

There are few good things about 50 cc dirt bikes. These bikes are lightweight. I would prefer a dirt bike, which is automatic and not too heavy. This would be convenient fro me to ride. Also, it needs to have average mileage. However, the most important feature that it should be good acceleration.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

The 50 cc dirt bikes are reativly inexpensive, easy to maintain. They use little gas and are pretty powerfull bikes for a young one to ride.


Answer by  B28 (46)

The thing that is good about a 50cc dirt bike is that it will not overpower you. Also it is a great starter bike for your kid to learn on how to ride a dirt bike.


Answer by  Muhammadshahzadkhan (14)

1) New plastics 2) Dimension: 1,250mm x 575mm x 770mm 3) Ground clearance: 130mm 4) Dryweight: 45kg 5) Max speed:20.0 to 40.0Km/h 6) drum brake is used in both wheels

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