Question by  jems (194)

Who killed Abraham Lincoln?


Answer by  Dean (4035)

John Wilkes Booth, actor-turned-activist, shot Lincoln on 4/14/1865 in Washington's Ford Theater. Booth's original plan was to kidnap Lincoln and exchange him for Confederate POWs.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

Abraham Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth while he was watching a play at the Ford Theater with his wife. He then jumped onto the stage where he broke his leg.


Answer by  teal (33)

John Wilkes Booth, a popular actor who quit to support the Confederate States of America, shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865 while Lincoln watched a play from the presidential box at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C..


Answer by  Bess2728 (682)

Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.. Lincoln died the next day across the street at the Petersen House.

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