Question by  anthonymiele (32)

What was important about the 1860 election?

Abraham Lincoln was elected, correct?


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

It was one of the most important elections in American history precisely because Abraham Lincoln was elected. Of course, it meant there was going to be war, but that is something that was bound to happen eventually.


Answer by  kimmc (91)

The election of Lincoln in 1860 was the catalyst the started the Civil War. A month after his election South Carolina seceeded, other states followed and the Civil War began.


Answer by  hashbrown64 (221)

Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, and many consider his victory as one of the events that helped set the stage for the civil war. Lincoln won with 180 electoral votes and 39.8% of the vote (there were more than two viable candidates running), and his election helped fuel the tensions between the pro- and anti-slavery factions in the U.S.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Yes I believe that is what happened from what I remember. Lincoln was elected in the 18th century that time.

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