Question by  katie77 (96)

Who invented baseball?


Answer by  mike1162 (137)

Abner Doubleday is credited often with inventing the modern game of baseball that we play today, although it has gradually evolved through time.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Abner Doubleday is the man who is credited with inventing the game of baseball in the United States back in the late 1800's.


Answer by  bjc (354)

Abner Doubleday is often credited with inventing baseball, however in reality Alexander Cartwright began the game in New York State with his New York Knicker Bockers team. The first recorded baseball game took place in 1846 when the Knicker Bockers lost to the New York Baseball Club in Hoboken, New Jersey.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

The old story, that Abner Doubleday invented baseball, is now regarded as a myth. More likely, baseball evolved from other games, and Alexander Cartwright wrote down the rules in 1845.


Answer by  DavidD (148)

There are two figures that are believed to be inventors of baseball, which orignated from numerous previous games like cricket. The most popular one is Abner Doubleday from Cooperstown, New York. However, another possible candidate is Alexander Cartwright, who Congress recognized as the true inventor of modern baseball.

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