Question by  jakester54 (54)

Who are the top scorers in the English premier league?


Answer by  swingr45 (12)

The top three scorers in the English Premier League for the 2010 season, are Darren Bent, of Sunderland, with 24 goals, Emmanuel Adebayer, of Manchester City, with 14 goals, and Gabriel Agbonlahor, of Aston Villa, and Louis Saha, of Everton, both having 13 goals. The all-time career leader for goals is Alan Shearer with 260 goals.


Answer by  Milan (56)

Top scorers in the English premiere league for the 2009/2010 seasons are: Didier Drogba who scored 29 goals, Wayne Rooney who scored 26 and Daren Bent who scored 24.


Answer by  RobertoCastro (112)

Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba were last season and will be again, both in the upper 20s for goals but they pale compared to Ronaldo's 31 goals just 3 years ago with Manchester United


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Of course you have to specify which historic period. I suppose you mean to say current top scorers. Among those Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas are lead scorers.

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