Question by  ShirleySmith (18)

Is it ok to give an intentional walk in little league?

I am going to begin refereeing little league games, and I don't know if the rules any different.


Answer by  3edad (219)

It is legal to intentionally walk a batter in Little League. This practice is sometimes frowned upon by certain Little League coaches and parents as unsportsmanlike at this level. Some coaches will walk a proficient batter to get to a weaker hitter. Is it legal, yes, sportsmanslike, questionable.


Answer by  Robs4thecubs (422)

The intentional walk in little league games is allowed, and has the same results as a regular walk in games.


Answer by  bjc (354)

While it is ok to give an intentional walk in little league (as there is no specific rule against it) it takes away from the spirit of the game for little kids.


Answer by  Hooper (23)

Depending on league rules, a coach may be able to instruct a pitcher to intentionally walk a batter. In some leagues, after the coach indicates this decision, the umpire may send the batter to first base without having the pitcher throw any pitches. In others, they may have to throw the remaining balls to the catcher.


Answer by  Anonymous

If it is what you have to do than do it. I'm a pitcher for my softball team and intentionally walked 3 girls so the other team couldn't get more than 5 runs. The other team called us cheaters but it is legal.


Answer by  nicolebrodeur (206)

While issuing an intentional walk in the little leagues certainly does not violate any unwritten rule, on a superficial level it seems to run contrary to the spirit of these games. As a future baseball umpire, perhaps if the scenario arises, you could discourage the game's managers from doing that excessively or repeatedly.

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