Question by  woody (65)

Which to choose: viola or violin?

I don't know which to pick.


Answer by  squirtt7 (66)

You can choose based on which instrument you are physically more comfortable holding, or on which sound you prefer. Viola players are scarcer, so gigs might come easier; however, exceptional violinists are always in demand, though there may be more competition.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

If you are interested in classical music, choose viola--more opportunities to play. If you like fiddle music, play violin or get a violin to go with your viola.


Answer by  Lathlynde (53)

The viola has a darker sound, while the violin has a much brighter sound. The viola is larger and can be more difficult to play if you are smaller


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

violin is more popular and easier to find sheet music for. Also depends on the pitch, do you want higher (violin) or a lower pitch (viola)? Otherwise, they are very similar.


Answer by  asianal (397)

i don't know much about the viola so i would pick the violin. The violin creates such a beautiful sound.

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