Question by  Avw (77)

Where can I obtain an antique violin appraisal?

I need to get an appraisal on an antique violin.


Answer by  12 (82)

An antique violin can be appraised at a variety of different places. I recommend taking it to a store that sells musical instruments or to an antique second hand shop. Also antiques road show might be helpful as-well.


Answer by  mrkrinkle (77)

Going to a pawn shop should be last on your list. Your local music store should have someone in the repair shop of a knowledgeable salesperson that can give you a ballpark figure. If you are fortunate enough to have a symphony orchestra nearby calling there public affairs chair could direct you in the right direction.


Answer by  Wallwalker (26)

You can get an appraisal from moss man music who can be found on the web, you will be charged a fee for the appraisal but you will get a qualified answer regarding the value of your violin. The source is one of the contrubuters to the blue books for musical instuments.


Answer by  John70 (16)

Depending on your area you could bring your violin in to a music shop to see if the owner can accurately appraise it for you. You can also look to one of many online stores to see guidelines on appraisal so that you can do it yourself.

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