Question by  pinkyts (42)

Which is greener, gas or electric cooking?

I am trying to go green with my remodel.


Answer by  moonman12 (119)

Electric cooking is greener in most situations. The actual energy expenditure is lower for heating, etc. with an electric system.


Answer by  jennmattem (46)

All things are not equal when comparing gas to electricity, but in general the newer gas stoves are thought to be more efficient as they heat-up and cool down instantly.


Answer by  ravenairsprite (18)

I would say that in order to go green with cooking you'd have to go electric. Many electric companies now use wind and solar energy verses gas or water powered in todays age. Gas energy has many problems associated with it; such as ozone depletion from fumes and is extremely flammable.


Answer by  smartgirl10 (61)

I think electric is greener. Especially now since the oil spill out in the gulf. Electric won't cause animals to die or our water to become polluted.

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