Question by  cdolezal (37)

Which is better International harvester or John Deere?

What are your reasons?


Answer by  Anonymous

International cause they don't brake down if you go to a John Deere shop you'll see 20 even 30 tractors in there and they aren't just getting oil changes they are split working on the engines or transmissions. Go to a International shop and there is 8,10 for changing oil!!!!!!!!


Answer by  HeatherOhye (48)

I prefer the International harvester because of the country song about the farmer who is blocking traffic and people behind him get mad. Great song, sorry not a farmer.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

John Deere is like America's brand. Everyone loves it just because it's simply John Deere. I personally find that International Harvester is the better brand. It's more durable and their equipment lasts. John Deere parts are easier and often cheaper to replace though.

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