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Question by  dnelms (30)

Can you tell me how to replace a tire on a John Deere lawn tractor?

I don't seem to have any instructions.


Answer by  tractorman (7)

Once wheel has been removed from the tractor,deflate the tire. Use a tire wrench to remove the old tire. Lay the wheel on a flat surface and moisten the rim. Push the new tire over the rim, then inflate the tire using compressed air making sure the bead has sealed.


Answer by  jmills0516 (15)

First jack up the tractor. Pry the yellow plastic center cap off the hub of the wheel. there is either a Eclip or a snapring on the axle. Eclip can be pryed off with a screwdriver if it is a snapring pliers once the clip is off the tire will come off.


Answer by  vignesdarsan (9)

first shut off the engine, pull the hand brakes, provide some brick to balance the vehicle while lifting gently lift the vehicle Replace the tire with the tools

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