Question by  Twins3307 (97)

Which is better for glazing putty: the old fashioned type that you roll in your hands, or the kind that comes in a caulking tube.

I am re-glazing 14 windows in an old house I'm restoring.


Answer by  toolbeltchick (7)

The caulking tubes are better for sealing and is not as messy as the one spread with your fingers.The pressure placed on the tube when squeezed can control the amount. It is very easy to use. The caulk found in tubes are convenient and is found in hardware ulking tubes are refillable. Save unused caulk by placing capping the tip.


Answer by  river (1226)

The old fashioned type, you have more control and can make more corrections if needed. Unless you're very experienced with the tube it just makes a mess. When working with any glaze don't work on a warm or hot day it gets very soft. The old fashioned type is like working with clay or putty pretty easy.


Answer by  vev97 (5)

I personally think that is much better to use the one that comes in a caulking tube because there is not much steps that you have to deal with.


Answer by  zetta (22)

It would be better to use the kind the comes out of the caulking tube. It is easier to use and you don't make a mess.

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