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Question by  elsewhen (627)

Which foods keep you awake?


Answer by  utubenerd (25)

Energy drinks or high in sugar juices, and avoid any milk-ish stuff. Also you may try some candy or any other things that are high in sugar.


Answer by  Anonymous

Energy drinks, soda, coffee, foods which contain a high content of sugar, because it gives you energy. I would just say avoid any milky drinks obviously


Answer by  mezzopris (35)

Foods that are high in sugar and acidity tend to keep me awake at night. The obvious culprit is sodas which are not only high in sugar and acid but have that added thing called caffeine. Eating a bowl of ice cream late at night also keeps me watching reruns of Matlock until early morning.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Personally? I find high sugar, high carbohydrate foods tend to keep me awake or wake me up at night. If I have ice cream or pizza within a few hours of bed, I have a hard time sleeping. Its because your body uses the sugar and carbs for energy, even if you don't need it.

Reply by jonijames (1):
I find that a nice meal, with a cocktail or wine or one of each, plus a desert, even though eaten before 8PM, will keep me up all night and to top it off gives me a blinding headache.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

if you freeze chocolate pieces and eat them slowly, the cold and the sweetness of the cocoa will keep you awake! works everytime XD!


Answer by  Anonymous

Caffeine and no milky drinks


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

Sugary foods keep me awake for awhile,but then the effect seems to wear off pretty quickly and I actually become more sleepy than before the sweets.


Answer by  ladyaubreya (3)

Caffine is only good for a short while. It might give some people a jolt in the morning to clear a foggy head but it's almost useless when it comes to staying aawke for a night shift. Concentrated sugar works best! Chocolate bar, gummies and especially Rockets will do.

Reply by andaman (240):
I don't consume much caffeine at all, so it has a surprisingly strong impact. If i drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, it is likely that i won't sleep well that night. I can have a small cup in the morning though.  add a comment

Answer by  johnlucio (41)

Hot Chocolate or Coffee


Answer by  Lindsay22 (39)

Foods that have a low glycemic index will help you stay awake because they will release glucose into your system gradually, giving you energy to stay alert. Foods with caffeine in them can also help, for example coffee cake or coffee beverages.

posted by Anonymous
coffee cake doesn\'t actually have caffeine in it. it just goes well with coffee.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Sweet stuff,stress,temperature and still not sure about cheese.Anyway i'm trying to find stuff to make me sleep.

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