Question by  outsiter (25)

Which direction does the toilet swirl on the equator?

I know that in certain places the toilet swirls in a different direction.


Answer by  TheScientist (86)

The idea that water swirls differently down a drain in different hemispheres is actually a commonly held misconception. The direction water goes down the drain in a toilet is actually a function of the direction that it comes out of the small holes around the underside of the rim of the toilet. Most toilets swirl the same way.


Answer by  Musicallynotd7 (5)

You're referring to the Coriolis effect, however, it's a myth when it comes to the water pattern in toilets, which are affected by pressure and design only.


Answer by  Rick (38)

Contrary to what some might say, gravity has no effect on which direction the water in a toilet swirls. The jets of water are given their direction by the toilets design. It is up to the manufacturer of the toilet to decide left or right.

posted by Anonymous
It's actually the Coriolis Effect that is (incorrectly) thought to determine the direction of the swirl.  add a comment
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