Question by  discomcdoogal (28)

How can I decorate a bathroom where the toilet is near the tub?

My bathroom is small and the toilet is next to the tub.


Answer by  sdnco (264)

Try getting a stand that goes over the toilet. It would fit next to the tub, but add something to your room. It has shelves on it and you can decorate it with trinkets, towels, flowers etc. on the shelves. If you got a wooden one, you could paint it an accent color to make your bathroom look great!


Answer by  StyleMaven (19)

Try installing a frosted glass half-door to create separation between the toilet and the tub. Stick with solids rather than a pattern, which may look dated and tacky. A shower curtain seems gross and unsanitary too close to the toilet, so go with a door for sure.


Answer by  Mandy59 (242)

Color coordination and print or pattern matching would be nice. You could also put a picture or shelf above the toilet for little decorations that match your motif.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Try to go with a "less is more" approach to decorating since the bathroom is small. You will only need one rug to go in front of the shower, and not one that usually goes in front of and around the toilet. Also, try to add a mirror or two to make the room seem larger.


Answer by  scarywoodwitch (158)

You may have to cut pieces of bath rug and toilet rugs to make them fit. Also, one time I had a very tiny bathroom and placed one square piece of stone tile next to the toilet, which I placed the toilet brush on. On the other narrow side, I did the same placing a small wastebasket on top.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

Well if its possible you get one of those units you can out over the toilet that will help with organization. Another nice touch would be to have a basket to put towels in that will help save room instead of have something big in there. And you can always have a shelf on the wall.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

Be sure to decorate your bathroom with sunny, bright colors. This is will it appear bigger. Also, don't clutter it with a lot of extra picture or decortive pieces. Choose a wallpaper you like for added customization. Hang up a big mirror that will also make your bathroom appear larger.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I would look to the walls. Is there room to put a shelf above the toilet. Hang a plant from the ceiling. Under the sink cabinet.


Answer by  suganya (15)

You decorate your bathroom with tiles and marbles in different colors. and you can keep the modern mirror with stand. you can keep your toilet near the tub.


Answer by  prathibhamenon (96)

There being a separator between the toilet and tub. It can be separated using a bathroom Oily Curtain where the rod placed on the top. This will not make the bathroom small and the spacewastage be avoided between the toilet and tub. Its gives a feeling like a separate room.

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