Question by  msfagiano (1)

where was the battle of Bull Run?


Answer by  funnystuffislove (29)

The First Battle of Bull Run was fought near Manassas, Virginia during the Civil War. A week later on the same ground a larger, Second Battle of Bull Run was fought with more losses. Both battles resulted with the advancing Union army being forced to retreat.


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

The Confederates usually named their battles after the nearest town, while the Union named them after the closest body of water. This is why you'll see Bull Run (small river) and Manassas (closest town) used to describe the same events. Shiloh (town) and Pittsburg Landing (Tennessee River), same thing.


Answer by  John (9008)

There were actually two battles of Bull Run during the American Civil War. The first was fought in 1861 and the second in 1862. Both were fought near Manassas, Virginia. These battles are often also referred to as 'The Battle of Manassas.'

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