Question by  MichaelKearney (10)

How do you properly punish a pit bull for peeing inside the house?

My pit bull refuses to learn not to use the bathroom inside the house. Can you please help?


Answer by  Zetau (125)

DO NOT punish him for something he just hasn't learned yet. Dogs never need "punishment" if raised properly — if anything, just a raised voice. It's actually very easy, and takes less than a week. With all due respect, ALL the other answers are incorrect.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Punishing won't work because the dog simply does not put the behavior with the action after the fact,unless caught in the act. Instead, reward it for going outside.


Answer by  Amy30 (63)

Unless you catch them in the act, punishment accomplishes nothing. A vet visit could reveal a medical issue. Otherwise, go back to potty training. Be diligent!


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Decrease the size of roaming area for the dog. A dog will not soil where they eat or sleep. When you catch them doing it tell them no in a stern voice, then take them outside immediately following the accident. Praise for going outside. Crate them when not home.


Answer by  Coogi (16)

Watch for signs of them having to go,also like in another answer a firm no worked for me

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