weight lifting


Question by  Bill54 (15)

Where should a beginner in weightlifting start?

I have never lifted weights before.


Answer by  geekgirl (153)

If you have never lifted before I suggest getting someone qualified, like a trainer, to show you what to do. It is really important to keep proper form otherwise chance of injury is highly increased! Go slow and work up to heavier weights!


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Its normally a good idea to find someone to spot you first, but try finding how much you can lift. Lift about 10-20lbs under that in 10reps for starting out.


Answer by  Henry18 (13)

Your local gym is sure to offer many personal training services that can be of benefit for the beginner and experienced alike. Gym membership usually ranges from $30 to $50 or $60, some asking for an enrollment fee. If that price is to steep, you can always visit your local recreation center and see what they have to offer.


Answer by  AlexT (12)

A beginner in this domain should start with more easier exercises at first. The secret in this is to gradually pass from one weightlifting exercise to another. Start with something like 5 kg dumbbells then progress to 6, 7 even 10. This way you will assure your success.

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