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Question by  isabella (46)

where is the glowing quartz on sims castaway ds?


Answer by  litters (7)

The glowing quartz is by Ms. Weeder's shelter. You look around the exterior of the house until you are able to spot the decorating rock. You dig there. It might take a decent amount of time digging to be able to find the quartz because more common things are in the way of it.


Answer by  Desine (427)

Go to Ms. Weeder's shelter, and dig next to the decorating rock. You'll need to be patient with your digging, because the glowing quartz only shows up very rarely. Don't get dismayed when all you dig up is roots and coal and other junk; the quartz will show up eventually.


Answer by  diane3626 (26)

You will find the glowing quartz next to Ms. Weeder's shelter near the decorating rock. Continue digging there to find new things all the time, such as compass crystals and coal.


Answer by  hopekori (38)

When you go to Ms. Weeder's shelter, go next to the decorating rock and begin to dig. You have to continue for a while before you acutally find it because more common items like roots and coal will be found first but eventually you should be able to find glowing quartz.


Answer by  madcookie83 (65)

You find the Glowing Quartz next to Ms. weeder's shelter and next to the decorating rock. keep digging there and you will consistantly finding new stuff, what you do with the Glowing Quartz is use it to make Seahorse Lights. what you need to craft it are these items: 1 thread, 1 glowing quartz, 3 seahorses. Enjoy!

posted by Anonymous
ha i have and i have not found any yet  add a comment

Answer by  Chad63 (17)

Begin to dig next to the decorating rock, next to Ms Weeder's shelter. It's kinda random as you might end up finding coal and roots, but continue digging and you will find it sooner or later.


Answer by  Salena (93)

Go to Ms. Weeder's shelter, then you have to dig next to the rock that is there. You will need to have some time on your hands, because it might take a while. Sometimes the quarts shows up, and other times it doesnt. You have to be patient and take your time.


Answer by  runtz8806 (6)

You find the glowing quartz next to Ms. Weeder's shelter and next to the decorating rock. Keep digging and you will consistantly find new stuff. There are many items to be found there.


Answer by  Anonymous

i do dig there but i dont get thise items :S


Answer by  Anonymous

I haven't found coal ever!

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