Question by  isabella (46)

How do you fix a SIMS 3 error message?

I'm trying to re-install the SIMS 3, but every time I try it takes like 6 hrs. Then it stops at the very end. During the 6 hrs a box pops up repeatedly that says "Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." I click retry!


Answer by  Mercurious (18)

If you are re-installing from CD/DVD this answer probably applies. That it takes several hours to re-install and the Data error message is being shown, suggests that the CD/DVD disc is too damaged for the drive reading it to handle or the CD/DVD drive itself is dirty or damaged.


Answer by  MashalKhanKhattak (69)

I am pretty sure that the disc from which you are installing the sims 3 is corrupted, please download copy of the sims 3 from torrents or buy new disc.

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