Question by  mdfloyd (131)

Where is the computer module on a Ford Explorer?


Answer by  moose7276 (190)

The computer module is located behind the dashboard, and underneath the glove compartment. This is on the righthand side of the dashboard.


Answer by  davidrajan (28)

i'm assuming that computer module is located behind the trim panels on the rear passenger side pillar, just below where the outboard seat belt shoulder harness exits. these trim pieces can be pulled out far enough to see the code attached to the module.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

It depends on what year ford explorer. If it has a distributor its the grey rectangle thing on the side with 6 metal pins. If it's a COP system, the computer module is in the engine compartment on the passenger side firewall. The distributor unit can be tested at most auto parts stores for free


Answer by  kykidd (27)

The computer module on a Ford Explore is located behind the passenger side airbag. It may be necessary to pull down some of the trim to see it.

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