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Question by  Jeremy83 (28)

Why do my cv joints vibrate on my Honda CRV?

My cv joints vibrate on my Honda CRV.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

If your CV joints are vibrating, that indicates that they are either worn out, or something in your driveline is out of calibration. If you have over 75,000 miles on them, there's a good chance they are bad, but your transmission or motor mounts may be bad as well.


Answer by  Turle (18)

If the vibration is worse during acceleration, your inner cv joints are most likely wearing out and approaching failure. If the vibration is worse during turns, the problem is probably your outer cv joints. Either way, they should be examined for evidence of wear or damage to make sure they don't fail while you are driving.


Answer by  doc325 (454)

CV joints have boots that are full of grease. This grease lubrictaes the joints and bearings that make up the CV joint itself. If the boot tears and the grease comes out the bearings burn up. Also overtime the bearings will fail on their own.


Answer by  MechaNick (146)

There is obviously a worn part in your steering system or check the balancing of your tires. This can cause vibration all the way up to the steering wheel.


Answer by  JD17 (424)

Most of the time the CV joints vibrate because they are slowly going bad. The only way to make them stop is change them out.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I would have a shop check you tire balance and alignment. If that is fine then your joints may have worn and are loose and need replaced.


Answer by  acostaf1 (37)

The cv joints have a counter balance on the shaft part off the cv joint which they tend to fall off causing the vibration.


Answer by  stevehewitt13 (14)

well when cv joints wear, they get play in them which causes vibrations. that means most likely that the cv joints need replaced now or looked at to see when they will need replaced.


Answer by  hurricore (66)

The CV joint, like any joint is subject to wear and tear. the problem is metal rubbing against metal. Eventually they are going to need to be raplaced.

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