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Question by  rachelrm7 (30)

Where is the 1995 Mote Carlo heater core location?

I am attempting to repair my own car and do not know where this is.


Answer by  Joe46 (88)

The heater core on a 1995 Monte Carlo can be located on the passenger side of the vehicle. You must remove this serction of the firewall to reach the heater core, it will have two pipes coming out of the top and this can be found near the floor boards of the vehicle.


Answer by  James916 (539)

On your vehicle the heater core would be underneith the dash. You will have to remove all the trim panels underneith, and all of the air conditioning controls and radio. There will be two hoses hooked to the heater core on the other side of the firewall that you need to remove.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I think that pretty much all Chevy have the heater core located in the fire wall. Typically the blower motor will have to be removed. Then you need to get behind the glove box to access the core. Then it can be unbolted and removed from whichever side is easiest.

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