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Question by  hlb9600 (31)

Can you tell me how to replace Dodge Dakota heater core?

My car heater needs replacement.


Answer by  69nova (389)

Removal of the heater box on most any vehicle is not usually a do it yourself job,they can be very challenging. I suggest a service shop do to complexity involved.


Answer by  nairvasaoyahoocoin (78)

Disconnect battery negative cable, liquid line/refrigerant line, accumulator inlet tube and remove the instrument panel, drain the cooling system. Detach the heater hoses from core tubes. Pull the housing rearward for the mounting studs and evaporator condensate drain tube after removing all the nuts from the heater. Remove the housing and lift the heater core.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Not know the exact year I can't be too specific. First remove the coolant line from the core, then the cover assembly, and on some vehicles the blower assembly.


Answer by  Biohazard (12)

I have no idea how to replace a heater core, but I can tell you how to bypass it. Take the heater core out, then connect the coolant lines together.

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