Question by  Acjoe (22)

Where is a good place to go for free legal advice?


Answer by  AnnArk (141)

There are many organizations that can provide this sort of information free of charge to those who show a financial need. The Salvation Army is one example.


Answer by  John (9008)

In the United States, a federally funded agency called the Legal Services Corporation helps to ensure that people who cannot afford an attorney can get legal advice and services. Every county in the United States has a subgrantee from the Legal Services Corporation; for those who qualify, this is a great place to get free legal advice.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Consult with social services in your area, they should be able to provide you with a list of law firms that provide free or pay based on income. If you are not able to locate one that way then the next best option is to look for list at your court house and in local news papers and legal organizations.


Answer by  mrbixby (35)

In Toronto, we have something called 'legal aid' which will give a person who qualifies free legal advice. There is also a pro bono clinic that has recently opened at the Toronto City Hall which provides (once a week) legal counseling to people who think they need a lawyer.


Answer by  joker101 (42)

Deep within the black hole we call the internet you should be able to find tons of advice based on your needs. Or you can go to your local library and pick up some law textbooks.


Answer by  monkeymwaah (31)

If you area has a legal services office, that's a good place to start. However, they usually only serve impoverished people.

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