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Question by  shaggy (16)

Where in New Mexico can I find baby rattle snakes?


Answer by  phoenixdown (12)

Baby rattle snakes, just like adult rattlers enjoy the warm weather and can be located in the Western or Southern parts of New Mexico. More specifically they can be found in sunny areas among rocks and even on roads during twilight hours.


Answer by  caftril (176)

Baby rattlesnakes are born live and are independent at birth. Look for them on the sunny southern side of granite rocky outcroppings in New Mexico's foothills.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Those rattlesnakes are out in the drier areas of New Mexico. They love the heat. So more of the Western or Southern parts of New Mexico you would find them. However be careful their bite is insane and infectious if not dangerous! One bite from them and you may very well be done!


Answer by  jpankow (103)

In New Mexico, you can find baby rattle snakes in the same areas as adult rattle snakes. They enjoy warm and sunny areas near rocks.


Answer by  Amescu (29)

Baby rattlesnakes are found throughout New Mexico in locations with few vibrations away from human activities. They will not be active in cold weather, so look in warm spots.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

Baby Rattlesnakes have more powerful vemon than the adult Rattlesnakes.. no Baby rattlesnakes is the worse bites. yes adult Rattlesnakes has the worse bite than the baby rattlesnakes. No baby rattlesnakes do not hang on and keep bitting. Once the rattlesnake bites..

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