Question by  Pricilla (35)

How do I react if I find out I'm having a Down Syndrome baby?

I don't know what to think. I just found out that there's a chance that I may be having a Down Syndrome baby. What do I do?


Answer by  safetyshield (46)

Breath! This child will be like all others in delivery mode. Then,regear your mindset to a special needs child and LOVE that child as hard as you can!


Answer by  jp1999 (231)

Although raising a child with down syndrome will be challenging, it is also rewarding. Remember that there are other parents that are going through the same thing that you will be facing. Reach out to these parents and get advice and support from them. If you have an idea of what is ahead, it may not seem as scary.


Answer by  Anonymous

add your own answer here Raising a child with Down Syndrome is the greatest gift any one ever gave me. My child gives so much more love to me verses what I give to her. She is pure and honest and true. You will never meet a more sincere person.

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