Question by  SammyL (30)

Do you have to pay for playstation 3 internet access?


Answer by  shawmino (13)

No. Unlike the Xbox/Xbox 360 approach, Sony has decided to offer the online portions of their games for free. You do still have to pay for your Internet connection, however, just like if you were to use it for your computer or other Internet-based device.


Answer by  Xquester (16)

In order to access the internet through your Playstation 3, you must have access to a wireless internet connection. However, there is no charge to access the Playstation Network or play most on-line games on the Playstation Network. Therefore, so long as you have wireless access, no additional cost.


Answer by  worker33 (41)

No you don't have to pay for playstation3 internet access. If you have high speed internet just plug it on the back and go through the registration process. They will want you to make up a user name and password.


Answer by  Johnnyy (57)

Internet access on the Playstation 3 is free as long as you already have internet access. While you can't do as much with the internet on the system as you would be able to do on the computer, there are no additional fees or costs each month.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

If the home where the playstation is located already has wireless internet access, there is a device that you can buy that will allow the game to pull an internet signal from the router and modem in the location without a cost.

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