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Question by  warthog (11)

Can you play online poker on a mac?


Answer by  ThomasJane (13)

I can play poker online using either a Mac or a PC. Both platforms of computing are capable of executing such a task as long as they have an internet provider and their connection is established appropriately. Playing poker on a Mac would be a faster experience because the OS is more stable.


Answer by  gatorguy146 (24)

Yes, you can play online poker on a mac. You simply have to find a desired poker website, and some will allow you to play without downloading anything, other you will have to download the program. You should have no problems trying to play poker on a mac.


Answer by  swiecichc (22)

Yes you can play online poker using a Mac, both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have Mac interfaces, you can download the programs from their websites. Installation is easy and the programs are very user friendly. Both downloads take less than 15 miutes using a DSL or better connection.


Answer by  paigow (33)

Sure you can! There are many sites that allow play on Mac's including, but not limited to, Poker Stars, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Bugsys Club, Party Poker and many others. Some of these are Flash enabled (no download), others must be downloaded.


Answer by  Jellyneck (84)

A mac computer that has internet access should be perfectly capable of playing internet poker. The reason that this works is that a mac uses similar web browsing software. Java is not PC only, and most web games are Java based.


Answer by  ryan7333 (13)

yes of course you can provided you have an internet connection that isn't restricted(i.e. no gambling sites).The best sites for american based people are fulltilt poker, ultimate poker,maybe party poker but that is very deer.I would personally recommend full tilt.

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